Demonstration Projects 

 In 2008 the Bayou Vermilion District was awarded a grant by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) to demonstrate non-point source pollution abatement. This grant focuses on stormwater that, as it enters our waterways, carries with it a variety of pollutants from many different sources making it the primary source of non-point source pollution. This LDEQ grant, titled A Comprehensive Strategy for Implementing Best Management Practices to Improve the Quantity and Quality of Stormwater Entering Vermilion River has five different elements.


Wetland Plant Nursery

The nursery is used to grow native grasses, sedges, shrubs, vines and trees, which will be distributed at no cost for bank restoration and to reduce and treat stormwater runoff. Click here for more information on wetland plant nursery.


Rain Garden

The 10,000 ft2 rain garden is filled with native wetland plants that hold rain long enough for it to soak into the ground, capturing and processing parking lot pollutants rather than draining into the streets and storm drains. Click here for more information on rain gardens.


Pervious Pavement

The 5,200 ft2 area boasts four different permeable parking space options and three green spaces, all of which capture and treat parking lot pollutants such as oil, gas, and organic debris in addition to reducing runoff. Click here for more information on pervious pavement.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are an easy way to reduce storm water runoff leaving roof surfaces and are a source of free water for plants and animals. As part of the LDEQ grant Bayou Vermilion District hosted several rain barrel workshops where participants were provided all the materials and shown how to make their own rain barrels free of charge. Click here for more information on rain barrels.

Retention pond

A retention pond is a pond or small lake that is designed to receive runoff water from surrounding areas and hold it indefinitely until the water either soaks into the ground or evaporates into the atmosphere. Retention ponds are an attractive way to prevent chemicals, trash and debris from entering the bayou, aid in the reduction of flooding problems downstream and serve as habitat for wildlife. Click here for more information on retention ponds.