Watershed Exhibit

The Watershed Exhibit is located in the festive area of Vermilionville and highlights the interaction of culture and environment. The exhibit explores the role of water on the Earth by tracing the movement of water from the atmosphere to our Bayou Vermilion Watershed and ecosystem. The exhibit includes several interactive displays that demonstrate the different aspects of the exhibit.

The exhibit explores aspect of:

Geography - how land is eroded and formed relating to Louisiana's changing coastline.

Geology - the movement of the Earth's crust and the shaping of the continents.

Hydrology - how water moves underground and on the surface of the Earth, and shapes the environment.

Ecosystem - what lives here and the interaction between the various parts.

A close up view of the Lafayette area via a 3-D contour map.

A replica of a segment of the Bayou Vermilion, with discussion of the health of the Bayou and the role we play in maintaining a healthy system.

Tours can be tailored to the grade and interest level of individual groups. Tours should be scheduled in advance. Groups of approximately 15 are optimum. Tours last about 45 minutes. It is common to schedule a Watershed Exhibit tour with your tour of Vermilionville. To schedule a visit call (337) 233-4077 or click here.