Canoe/Kayak Launches

The Bayou Vermilion District operates and maintains four canoe/kayak launches in Lafayette that will be part of the Lafayette Parish paddle trail connecting other parish paddle trails to Lafayette and surrounding areas. The launches can accommodate two paddle vessels at a time and aid in an easy send off or docking. Majority of the canoe/kayak launches are located in convenient areas in Lafayette making it easy to put in for a short or long paddle and still end up in Lafayette. 

Nature Station - 1205 East Alexander St.

The Nature Station canoe/kayak launch is located in the park and is operated in conjunction with the Acadiana Park Nature Station. Access to this launch needs to be secured in advance by calling (337) 291-8448. 

Vermilionville - 300 Fisher Rd.

The Vermilionville canoe/kayak launch is located at 300 Fisher Rd. on the ground of the historic folklife park. Access to this canoe/kayak launch is limited to Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. While the launch remains operational the parking lot is closed off to the public. 

Camellia Bridge - Bellaire Rd.

The Camellia Bridge canoe/kayak launch is located at Bellaire Rd. and is accessible between the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. with parking and street lights for safety. This is the perfect starting point on the Southside of Lafayette for a paddle up or down stream. 

Southside Park - Robley Dr.

The Southside Park canoe/kayak launch is located off of E Broussard Rd next to the Shell and Limestone Plant. While the park is closed overnight the canoe/kayak launch is accessible by water 24/7. Southside Park also serves as the last public canoe/kayak launch in Lafayette Parish.

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