Leroy Thomas & the Zydeco RoadRunners

When: 03-Dec-2017 - 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Where: Performance Center

Enjoy live music by Leroy Thomas & the Zydeco RoadRunners. Admission is $10 (no membership discounts) and refreshments will be available for purchase for this smoke-free family-friendly event. For more information call (337) 233-4077.



Leroy Thomas was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and raised in Elton, Louisiana by a family of Zydeco musicians, including his father, Leo 'The Bull' Thomas, the only Zydeco musician to lead his band from the drums. At the age of eight, Leroy decided to become a drummer like his father, building his set out of five gallon paint buckets and playing it with tree branches for drumsticks and cardboard tubing from Christmas wrapping paper as a microphone. In his early teens, Leroy used his determination, imagination and resourcefulness to purchase and learn to play his first accordion. At the age of 18, he joined his father's band, and for 15 years they toured the world playing music together. In 1998, Leroy decided it was time to form his own band, and Leroy Thomas & the Zydeco Road Runners was born. Today, they favor what Leroy refers to as 'Old School Zydeco,' having performed in over 33 states as well as overseas, and recorded 8 albums.