The Cajun Cowboy & The Stirrups

When: 04-Mar-2018 - 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Where: Performance Center

The Cajun Cowboy & The Stirrups is a Cajun band that highlights the talent of a young musician from Louisiana, known as Gerald Broussard, Jr.

Gerald is a young male, who's been singing Cajun Music on stage and at Cajun Music Jams since he was 3 years-old. In April 2015, he was singing on stage at the Liberty Theater next to Mrs. Sheryl Cormier, "The Queen of the Cajun Accordion" and was amazed by her accordion playing. So, he went home and started playing accordion and hasn't put it down since.

Gerald loves to play the accordion, but also sings, plays the drums, fiddle and guitar. He is also learning to play the steel guitar just like his dad. Ever since Gerald was little, he would wear his cowboy hat, so everyone called him the "Cajun Cowboy."

Singing and playing Cajun Music has taken him many places and he's met numerous great musicians. And, this is only the beginning of a wonderful journey! Gerald enjoys every part of his heritage - the people, the customs, the food and the music! He is a third generation Cajun Musician and it's in his blood.  This is his life and he loves it! 




1st Place Accordion Contest (Youth Division 0-12)
79th International Rice Festival in Crowley, LA

1st Place 2016 Squeeze Box Shootout Accordion Championship (Youth Divison 0-12)                                                          Jennings, LA

1st Place 2016 Rayne Frog Festival Accordion Contest
Youth Division 0-10 in Rayne, LA.

2016 Cajun French Music Association New Dawn Recipient

1st Place Accordion Contest (Junior Division 0-13)
80th International Rice Festival in Crowley, LA 



Gerald Broussard, Jr. - Vocals and Accordion

Renada Broussard - Drums

Gerald Broussard Sr. (T-Boy) - Steel Guitar

Lisa Broussard - Bass