We are thrilled that you are interested in Vermilionville for a visit with your class this year. We strive to offer an educational and entertaining outing for the students that visit us. We refer to these as cultural excursions. Your group has the choice of either a guided or self-guided tour. If you choose the guided tour option, the tour guide fee is $35 per guide, and your tour guide will lead the group through the village. If you choose the self-guided tour option you will be provided with village talking points prior to your visit and brochures with a map to help you navigate your way through the village upon arrival. Please note, if you wish to use tour guides they must be scheduled in advance and deposits are required. We are available anytime if you would like (or need) to make adjustments to your schedule or planned enhancements. These include : 


Tour Enhancement  Time Allotment  Additional Cost 
 Dance lessons 30 minutes  $3 per student 
 Cooking demonstrations 30 minutes  $3 per student 
 Rag doll classes 30 minutes  $3 per student 
 Plate or bag lunches  30 minutes - 45 minutes  starting at $7.50 per student 
 Boat tours options for 30, 45 or 90 minutes 
(+15 minutes for loading)                 
$3, $3.50, or $4 per student, respectively 
 Watershed 30 minutes  FREE 
 Enviroscape Water Quality   30 minutes  FREE 
 Gift Shop 15 minutes  FREE 
 Orientation 15 minutes  Obligatory  

Each group is limited to 25 warm bodies per group (including adults and students). This is because of fire marshal codes and to insure the protection of our artifacts. 

If you are interested in planning a trip to see our historic village, please fill out the form below and our Tour Coordinator will contact you to customize your experience with us based on your budget and time frame. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to book your group on your preferred date if other schools are already on our calendar. We will work with you to find another date that is available.