Joël Pautz

Joël Pautz is a luthier (a person who makes or repairs string instruments) originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. After growing up playing the violin and expressing an interest in woodworking, Joël went on to study violin-making at the North Bennet Street School in Boston (one of three schools for violin-making in the United States). He demonstrates his violin-making in the school house (l'Ecole). 

While he has previously worked in violin repair, Joël returned to Lafayette to pursue a career in violin-making. He is a self-described old-fashioned guy and appreciates the opportunity he has to continue Vermilionville's goal of encouraging traditional arts. His family has always been passionate about revitalizing the French culture in Louisiana, and he now continues this work at Vermilionville, where he believes preserving and educating people about our heritage is the most important thing he does. 

Joël spends most of his time around violins and is excited to be employed doing something he loves.